Sweet Spot Study

What is the Sweet Spot Study?

We are recruiting individuals who are currently experiencing difficulties with anxiety and/or low mood for a study to evaluate our online treatment program with varying levels of support.

The study uses our well-established 6-lesson mixed anxiety and depression course as part of the program – it is very good and is certainly the most popular of all our courses. Our job at St Vincent’s is to make it even better by learning how best to support and advise people as they do the course – do people do best on their own, or when supported by a coach or by a clinician? Do people do best with help when they need it or regularly with each lesson? People entering the study have a five in six chance of being allocated to an active treatment group starting immediately, and a one in six chance of being in a control group and waiting 24 weeks for treatment to start.

How does it all work?

First we ask you to complete some online questionnaires. If you are eligible and agree to participate, you will be immediately (or after a wait period) able to access the online 6-lesson Depression and Anxiety Course over 12 weeks at no cost! All components are online and you would be required to answer questionnaires related to anxiety and depression over the 12 weeks, with final follow-up questionnaires 3 months after conclusion of the program.

What can I expect if I decide to apply?

If you register – providing your name, age, gender, phone number, and email address – you will be asked to complete screening questionnaires to establish that you have mild or moderate anxiety or depression. However we cannot include individuals with a bipolar disorder, psychosis, or schizophrenia as we do not have evidence that our program benefits these conditions. Additionally, as we must adhere to the strict patient safety regulations required by our Research Ethics Committee, we cannot include individuals who are suicidal given that these participants have a chance of being randomized to a waitlist treatment group (i.e. treatment is provided after a waiting period of 24 weeks).

If you are found to be suitable for the study, and most will be, you must next read the patient information sheet (think terms and conditions) and then indicate your informed consent to participate in the trial. You will then be randomized to one of the six groups, and if you are allocated to one of the five active treatment groups, you can begin your course immediately!

Is it free?

Yes. Usually it costs to do our mixed anxiety and depression course, however this research trial is a way that you can get to do the course for free!

What if I can't finish the course?

Participation is voluntary and free, and no, you won’t be paid. You can drop out at any time but we would we would love for you to stay. We want to learn what contributes to success in people who complete the whole course so that we can develop effective treatments for people like you!

Want to apply?

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Feel free to contact our team on (02) 8382 1400 or at [email protected] (during business hours AEDT) if you would like to speak further with the study team, or if you have any questions or concerns.

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