AdaptHIV Program

Welcome to the AdaptHIV Program.

We are evaluating a new online program called iAdapt. This program is specifically designed to help gay men who are living with HIV and experience anxiety and/or depression. We need your help to evaluate this program in our research study!

This is a FREE, confidential program involving 6 lessons of internet psychological therapy that can be done at home, in your own time.

Successful applicants will be randomly allocated to either Group 1 (who will receive the iAdapt program immediately) or Group 2 (the control group, who will access the program after 12 weeks).

In order to be eligible to participate in this study you need to be living with HIV (i.e., have been positive for at least 6 months) and experiencing elevated symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Your anxiety and depression symptoms will be assessed during the online application. We cannot include individuals with a bipolar disorder, psychosis, or schizophrenia as we do not have evidence that our program benefits these conditions. Additionally, as we must adhere to the strict patient safety regulations required by our Research Ethics Committee, we cannot include individuals who are suicidal given that these participants have a chance of being randomized to a waitlist treatment group (i.e. treatment is provided after a waiting period of 12 weeks).

Please note, in order to proceed with your application you need to provide your full name and email address so that we are able to contact you. As your safety and well-being are very important to us, we will also require the contact details of your GP. Please note, we will only contact your GP in writing (via letter or telephone) if we are concerned about your safety and well-being, but we will always attempt to contact you first. Once you have provided your GP information, you will proceed to the online questionnaires which will inquire about your current and past mental health, and your physical health history. More information is provided in the Participant Information Sheet at the end of this application.

It is best to complete your application using a desktop PC or a laptop and Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as the web browser.

If you have any questions before proceeding, please feel free to email us at: [email protected] or call us (during business hours AEDT) on: 02 8382 1400

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