MUMentum Pregnancy Program

What should I know about this program?

We have developed this program to help adult women who have low mood and or high levels of worry (during pregnancy) learn the tools to help manage their depression and anxiety.

What are some common symptoms of depression and excess worries?

You may experience the following symptoms:

  • Feeling sad, low, and no longer enjoying things in your life.
  • Poor sleep, lack of energy, weight changes.
  • Being cranky/ irritable.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and nervous a lot of the time.

What is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and how does it work?

There are many research trials around the world that now show that cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

CBT is a practical treatment, and teaches you practical tools and skills to manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety. In CBT, you learn to identify the common symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as how thoughts, feelings and baheviours interact to keep problems going. CBT works by teaching you how to identify your own symptoms, and developing tools to gain better control over your symptoms.

Why have we developed this online program?

Although CBT is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, it is often difficult to access. We have developed our new online program so that more people can access effective treatment. By delivering information over the internet, people with high levels of depression and anxiety can now learn the skills to manage their symptoms at their own pace, in their own time, in the comfort of their own homes.

What can I expect if I decide to apply?

There are a few steps that you will follow if you decide to apply for our trial.

Step 1. Complete the online application (this should take about 15 minutes). You will be asked about your demographic information (your name, date of birth, address etc.), levels of depression and anxiety and any mental health treatments you have received.

Step 2. If we require further information from you about your application, we will give you a call to complete a telephone interview (which will take about 15 minutes). During the interview, we will ask you a series of questions that assess your suitability to participate in the research study.

Step 3. If you pass the online screening questionnaire (and telephone interview if you require one), and give your consent to participate in the study, you will be included in to the study.

Step 4. Once included in the study, you will be randomly allocated to either Group 1 (who receives the internet program) or Group 2 (where you will have access to the internet program after a 9 week waiting period and completion of some questionnaires).

What is the MUMentum Pregnancy Program?

This program is based on the principles of CBT and is provided free of charge to participants. It involves 3 comprehensive lessons to be completed over 4 weeks. You will log on each week to the virtual clinic and do a lesson and you must login to the program within the first week of the program starting in order to complete all the lessons in time and gain the most benefit from the program. You will access the program using a username and password.

It includes:

  • Three online lessons, which include an illustrated story of two pregnant women who suffer from depression and anxiety, and learn some CBT skills in order to help with their symptoms.
  • Lesson summaries in PDF format that you can download and print. It also contains some tasks and exercises to help you practice the new skills.
  • Resources on topics related to improving your mental health.
  • Questionnaires to assess your symptoms.
  • Guidance and support from a clinician at St Vincent's Hospital who will help you through the program, and troubleshoot any difficulties you may have using the program or practicing the skills.

What are the main topics of the program?

Lesson 1: Learning About perinatal Anxiety & Depression

Lesson 2: Identifying & Tackling Thoughts, and Unhelpful Thinking Patterns

Lesson 3: Tackling Unhelpful Behaviours & Building Confidence

What are some important things to know?

  • This program does not require high levels of computer training.
  • All data concerning your identity, condition and progress will be kept secure and confidential.
  • The more effort you put into this program, the more benefit you will get out of it.

Who is this research program not suitable for?

This program is not designed for people who have very severe depression or are suicidal.

This program is not designed for people who have a psychotic disorder or bipolar disorder.

This program is not designed for women who are not pregnant.

This study has been approved by the St Vincent's Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC/16/SVH/63).

Please contact our team on (02) 8382 1400, or [email protected] if you would like to speak further with the study team, or if you have any questions or concerns.